Shift Your Focus

Published on 17 August 2021 at 12:44

Healing is possible.


Stay the course! Keep walking in your positively changed behaviors and watch God increase your tribe. Your foundation does not have to be predicated on your past self, feelings, actions, or the company you kept. They may never see you as changed, but eventually, they will.


The key here is for you to embrace that you have positively changed, your focus has shifted, and to keep taking responsibility for your actions, keep treating people with kindness, keep loving those who seem unlovable, keep lending a hand to help those in need, and ask for forgiveness where needed to free yourself.


It took courage to ask for forgiveness so be even more courageous when it is not readily recognized or received.


Let your focus be on things that are pure, noble, and of good report like our brother, Paul encouraged us. 


Positive words are worth dwelling on and I am challenging you to shift your focus today by doing these three things:


  • Take three deep breaths: using your diaphragm, place your feet flat on the floor and sit in a chair or lie flat on the floor, inhale through your nose for three seconds, hold it for four seconds, and exhale through your mouth for five seconds. 


  • Repeat positive affirmations: Download the "I Am" or "Motivation" mobile applications to receive daily positive affirmations. Also download the "Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal". You can find these applications on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. *If you are using Google Play Store, you can download "Diarium" or "Day One" in place of "Jour". 


  • Stop self-sabotage: change your thoughts from negative to positive with stopping and thinking before you interact with yourself and others. Repeat your chosen affirmations daily to develop a consistent habit of thinking positively. 


Shift Your Focus!


Beloved, heal because you can!


Written by: Davia T. Knight, MA, LMHC

Do you struggle to shift your focus in a positive direction?

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